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Meditation 🧠

Sometimes people says …

I am not able to focus. Some say my concentration was somewhere else. My attention wandering. I don’t feel like studying.I can not do this work……

Is there any work that is not done by someone in actually.

When any work_which was done by any human being:how can it be impossible to do the same work for someone else?

It may not be as difficult for someone as it may be for someone else.

Due to all these thoughts ,a sensible person would say that one way to get out of all these problems is to meditate.

Everyone speaks this word easily but does not understand this word properly.

Listening to some traditional stories,it is estimated that the status of living in a fixed place is known as meditation or some people recommend getting into the same work .

Some people say let go of inner feelings. No thoughts should come to the mind .

Is it possible??


It’s really impossible to hope.

Can our mind be zero or empty for some time??

Or is it possible to Stop the move of the mind for any living being.

I think never.

Meditation is difficult to do in this race but it is also completely possible.

But most importantly we have to know it’s actual mean.

What is meditation??

This is the process :to give instructions to our mind and to make the mind beleive that everything is easy and everything is possible.

Meditation is not a medicine to be taken at a fixed time, it is an environment that we have to create in our mind.

There is lots of information in our mind, a lots of data messed up like books lying in the library. In such library,there is a little difficulty in searching for any book ,or may not be able to find the book according to our need.

To easily read a particular book at the right time ,we will have to collect all those books and divide them into some categories,and place them in a correct order.

When we put it like this,we can read any book at any time without wasting a single minute.

This will make our work easier.

Similarly, the data (thoughts) in our mind will also have to be truncated and cleared so that our thoughts and information become transparent.

And it will be easy to do all our work without confusion,it will also help to understand ourselves,and to understand what our next step should be,and to take right decisions.

We can not empty our mind but we can decorate it like a library.

We should know what is in our mind,which data is good for us and which data is harmful and when we can use it .

This is what we try to know through meditation.

Some men say that not everyone can do meditation.

But according to me anyone can do what they want .

There are some people who do meditation but they don’t know about it.

We also see some human who choose anything very easily,they are focused on their work, and do not angry,and are happy always.

Who can do this??

🧠the same person who is meditated,i.e. the meditative environment is created in his mind.

The tendency of the mind is to work in multidimentions at a time but to focus on a single task it is difficult to bring our mind on that point where we want to work or where some efforts have to done .

It is the property of the mind that where it feel painful it starts to go away from there and where it feel releif it stuck there .

First of all we have to give a beleive to our mind that there is no pain no frustration , everywhere is relax only ,there is also a piece of Joy,there is also a situation of releif, everything is cool.

Those who feed all those above points to their mind they become meditated.

A good point which is said by a great personality__swami vivekananda

“Whatever you think you will be ,if you think stronger , stronger you will be,if you think weaker , weaker you will be.”

Meditation gives peice ,by the meditative environment , our anger go away from us and happiness comes .

But how this will happen??

Think about it…

Because of the mediation our ideas will arrange like the books in well arranged library , by this type of arrangement our thoughts get a right direction of flow , the way looks clear and our destination will seem to be very close . Every confusion will finish about our next step . Then work will seems to be easy and automatically anger will go away from us . Obviously , mind will get peace , it get relief there , due to this relief mind will stuck there ,this is called the generation to interest ,then the man becomes meditative .

For the meditation two things are most important__

1) Happiness which should feel by our own at everytime without finding any reason .

2) Physical fitness which is maintained by ourselves .

The main task of the meditation is to arrange our thoughts and to give believe to our mind that everything is eaisy.

One thing is very important to know is we have two different environments pycologically__

First is inner environment and one is out from our body or we can say in our surroundings .

We have to maintain the separation between those two .

If we start to apply the conditions of inner environment on the outer or vice versa then everything will messed up by which our mind starts to become disturbed , and our all actions will go badly . sometimes we get so much confusion about ourselves and for others because of this situation .

Sometimes , people try to find peace outside but they don’t realise that disturbance is in their inner environment .

We can get peace in the situation of the disturbance in outside our body by maintaining peace in inner side but when the disturbance is inside us then nobody can get peace in any situation or by any comfort .

So we have to be undisturbed in any condition which is possible by mediation and we have to maintain distance between conflicts of outside and the confusion of inside . Our life definitely become easy and perfect to some extent .

By the mediation we learn about balancing our thoughts,actions, control and coordination .

By the physical fitness and happiness our 50% meditation is done .

For the left , we can feel ourselves inner mechanism ,our breathes by sitting in a peaceful environment , by understand our working process , we should rearrange it . We can exercise in that period , we should take a perfect deep sleep , we can take Balance diet ….by these practices we can always be meditative …

So let’s do it…,……🧠


What is it’s mean ??

In a second , everyone think about only a relation between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Is it right??

Is this mean 100% correct??🧠


Relationship means a connection between two or more … living,and non-living things .

It can be many types.

A relation between two human beings on the basis of blood .

It can be on the basis of attachments.

It can be on the basis of needs.

It can be on the basis of inheritance.

A relation ship between mother and her child.

A relationship between a brother and a sister .

A relationship between classmates .

A relationship between grandparents and the grandchildren.

A relationship between a table and a chair.

So much type of relationship are exist in this universe .

But where is our focus in the meaning of relationship??🧠

Only on the boyfriend and the girlfriend,..right??

Everyone scared about his relationship??

How long our relationship will go??

First of all we have to know what is the thing which we really want by our relationship.

Why we choose to live in that particular relation.

Some choose the relationship to get profit in some manner.

Some choose only because they have blood relation so they have to do their duty.

some choose because they want a complete love life.

Some choose for pampering.

Some choose only body but not relation .

OOO ,what is it mean??🧠

Sometimes we make relationship to get a support or love or some secure feelings from our loving person without blood relation but we do not think about his /her thought or need .

What he actually want?

What she actually want from us?

Then ,on this moment problem creates.

Our relationship get starts to destroy our life.

We have to think about this first ??

Everyone wants something in return .

Love with love .

Help with help.

Same like the Newton’s third law of motion…..

“Every action has its equal reaction”.🧠

Everyone is somewhat selfish…right??

So,if anybody calling you do your help definitely he wants something in return.

No matter from you or anyother.

If we start over expectations to get in return then our relationship starts to become weak.

If we want to tackle our relationship better we have to finish our expectations , because nobody can do much enough than us for ourselves.

We can do everything for us by our own.

Sometimes people think she is mine or he is mine only.

Is a person has only single relation ever??

Is no other relations exist apart from boyfriend.. girlfriend??

Is person should leave the other relation after becoming girlfriend or boyfriend or husband and wife??

No !!!

Life is a integrated.It is a integration of parts of time .

In the different phase different people comes in our life who try to make connection in different manner .

Sometimes ,we actually want to make relation with those people.

It can be friendship,or only sympathy or need .

But in this situation people start to fight to overpower their relationship on their relatives,

Result is relationship destroyed.

Sometimes people feel fear to loss their relatives,so they starts to bind their relative in definit limit,but it’s result comes is unhappiness comes , distances creats in the relation .

Psychological thinking….🧠

If we tight the thread of kite it goes far from us . Or we can say if we try to bind a person with ourselves person will try to go away from us .

So ,leave your relative free,give them wings to move ,to fly.

Sometimes,we try to impose our choices ,our likes and dislikes on our relatives which is definitely wrong step.every person has his own mind ,own choices, own desires so somewhat we can guide him but we can not stop his mind to think or to work .

“freedom brings happiness”🧠

So ,for the strong relationship some important rules will be follow…

1) Less expectations.

2)More inspection.

3) Acceptance should be there .

4) Never think you are only choice in others life.

5)Give wings to fly .

6)Impose your idea on yourself only.

7)Leave free others .

Above rules can be beneficial in every relation.

It can be blood relation or love relation.


Some experienced people often says understanding is most important in relationship,but nobody says what type of understanding should be.

Understanding of choices ,,,

Understanding of dreams,,,

Understanding of habits,,,


One type of understanding is enough what is the need of yourself in the life of related person in present.

This is the complete solution for every problem in relationship.

Once if we know that fact we can handle any situation.

My personal thinking is that relation can start for any purpose and from any corner of our life but we should bring it to its destination.

In the half way ,it just like the very hot sip of tea in a mouth or a chapati on the cookery.

Meaning of any relationship made after reaching its end destination.

So follow your good relations with your soul not for the outer covering means not by body 🧠.

Thanku for giving your precious time to read my thoughts 🧠.

Self improvement 🧠

We always trying to find problems in our surroundings.

We always trying to discover comfort in our surroundings.

It’s happened with all human beings,but sometimes we fail to get those type of things in our surroundings or all around the world.


Try to think about the reason 🧠.

We always blame to others why???

We trying to get some comfort by earning money.

We trying to get comfort by purchasing some electronic gadgets to get peace or to feel enjoying.

Are we get satisfaction by all these practices??


After these practices our mind starts to feel quit or it starts to get dippression.

But what is it’s solution??


It is the best way to get peace.


For the satisfaction ,first of all we have to know what we need actually,what is useful to me,what actually I want to do?

When we get those answers our 50%hurdles get remove from our path.

Is selfsacanning is sufficient to get satisfaction??


By leaving to stare the surroundings we have to improve ourselves.

This is the main point to turn our life in the accurate direction.

When we start to improve our thinking,our actions,way to do work individually,then we will get a ray of light which will give us a satisfactory achievement.

But now a question arises ,how can we done self-improvement??

By scanning we will get all mistakes of us.

Then we can try to get a simple trick to self-improvement.

Self-improvement can be done in many ways.

Every human has their own problems and their own hurdles so the way of improvement will also be differ.

Problems can be in love life,it will be physically or mentally,it can be economical.

So to solve these problems some important rules and regulations should be maintained.

1) Improve your routine.

2) clear your thoughts.

3)Never feel disable.

4)Try to tackle the situation.

5) Remember your work which you really want to do .

6)Forget the things which you don’t like.

7) Expect with yourself not with any other.

8) Always remain devoted with your work.

9) Choose difficult task not run behind eaisy things.

10) Give importance to your self-respect not your ego.

These points will definitely beneficial for every person.

Self-improvement is not a single moment task it is continuous process which will always should be in progress because there will be many moments in which we get sivir or we feel demotivated or we can say that we feel unsuccessful due to our polluted thoughts or our wrong actions.

We should use our mind as much as possible in self improvement.

Someone says__🧠

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree ,I would spend six hours sharpening my axe.”

Is it not right??

Can we apply it on our life??

Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong in his life but who choose right??

But which is right for me , Is it right for you or all the people ??


Every man has his own criteria,and his own priority.


We should choose a way which will not give a product but it will definitely give a true satisfaction.

So Today ,is the time to improve our self so let us try💯%🙂🧠…

Thanku for giving a precious time to read my view.🧠


What is creation?

First of all ,we have to think deep about everything all around us in present .

Is it something which exactly matches with other thing?

Is it possible to copy anything in this world ?


A thing can matches in looks but it may be differ in some other parameters like colour,size,or composition ,right??

Or we can say that a man who is just like his brother in all parameters but it may be differ in voice or a man can differ on the basis of DNA with the other.

So, I mean to say everything is unique .

Just like this, creation is a process to make a thing which is little bit different or unique .

Creations are of different types.

It has different areas.

Like in this world different areas are made for different functions.

Just as atmosphere is of air particles which is for respiration and for some other works on the other hand land is made from different particles and it is for other functions both are needed but for different work .

Main conclusion is that both are unique or different in looks and as well as in compositions.

Like this creation can be shown in different fields like in science, cooking,medical,or drawing,painting, writing , singing, thinking, playing or sports, dancing,music,in business also, designing and so on…….

Creation means something different which is not present before that moment.

Creation is not only about good think ,it may be dangerous creation like nuclear weapons.

But the topic is that who is creative?

I am creative 🧠

Everyone is creative .

A mother is creative or a father is creative .

Every person has their own idea so, they creat their own thoughts on the basis of their thoughts they start their steps.

Is the creation can fulfill our needs?

Or we can say, can we made our career on the basis of creations?


We can create our career by the creation.

It depends on our type of creation.

If we create any thing in the field of business like any trick to get great profit , we can get success in the field of business and our future can be secure.

In the same fasion drawing, dancing, painting,singing, politics , writing etc have their own criteria to create something new or special.

Important is to think about it and move forward with confident steps.

Explore your mind ,your ideas,utilise your potential,your power.

Our mind is so powerful which can think in many dimensions at a time .

It becomes More sharpen by continuous use.

Let us try…….👊👊👊👊