Self improvement 🧠

We always trying to find problems in our surroundings.

We always trying to discover comfort in our surroundings.

It’s happened with all human beings,but sometimes we fail to get those type of things in our surroundings or all around the world.


Try to think about the reason 🧠.

We always blame to others why???

We trying to get some comfort by earning money.

We trying to get comfort by purchasing some electronic gadgets to get peace or to feel enjoying.

Are we get satisfaction by all these practices??


After these practices our mind starts to feel quit or it starts to get dippression.

But what is it’s solution??


It is the best way to get peace.


For the satisfaction ,first of all we have to know what we need actually,what is useful to me,what actually I want to do?

When we get those answers our 50%hurdles get remove from our path.

Is selfsacanning is sufficient to get satisfaction??


By leaving to stare the surroundings we have to improve ourselves.

This is the main point to turn our life in the accurate direction.

When we start to improve our thinking,our actions,way to do work individually,then we will get a ray of light which will give us a satisfactory achievement.

But now a question arises ,how can we done self-improvement??

By scanning we will get all mistakes of us.

Then we can try to get a simple trick to self-improvement.

Self-improvement can be done in many ways.

Every human has their own problems and their own hurdles so the way of improvement will also be differ.

Problems can be in love life,it will be physically or mentally,it can be economical.

So to solve these problems some important rules and regulations should be maintained.

1) Improve your routine.

2) clear your thoughts.

3)Never feel disable.

4)Try to tackle the situation.

5) Remember your work which you really want to do .

6)Forget the things which you don’t like.

7) Expect with yourself not with any other.

8) Always remain devoted with your work.

9) Choose difficult task not run behind eaisy things.

10) Give importance to your self-respect not your ego.

These points will definitely beneficial for every person.

Self-improvement is not a single moment task it is continuous process which will always should be in progress because there will be many moments in which we get sivir or we feel demotivated or we can say that we feel unsuccessful due to our polluted thoughts or our wrong actions.

We should use our mind as much as possible in self improvement.

Someone says__🧠

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree ,I would spend six hours sharpening my axe.”

Is it not right??

Can we apply it on our life??

Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong in his life but who choose right??

But which is right for me , Is it right for you or all the people ??


Every man has his own criteria,and his own priority.


We should choose a way which will not give a product but it will definitely give a true satisfaction.

So Today ,is the time to improve our self so let us try💯%🙂🧠…

Thanku for giving a precious time to read my view.🧠