What is it’s mean ??

In a second , everyone think about only a relation between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Is it right??

Is this mean 100% correct??šŸ§ 


Relationship means a connection between two or more … living,and non-living things .

It can be many types.

A relation between two human beings on the basis of blood .

It can be on the basis of attachments.

It can be on the basis of needs.

It can be on the basis of inheritance.

A relation ship between mother and her child.

A relationship between a brother and a sister .

A relationship between classmates .

A relationship between grandparents and the grandchildren.

A relationship between a table and a chair.

So much type of relationship are exist in this universe .

But where is our focus in the meaning of relationship??šŸ§ 

Only on the boyfriend and the girlfriend,..right??

Everyone scared about his relationship??

How long our relationship will go??

First of all we have to know what is the thing which we really want by our relationship.

Why we choose to live in that particular relation.

Some choose the relationship to get profit in some manner.

Some choose only because they have blood relation so they have to do their duty.

some choose because they want a complete love life.

Some choose for pampering.

Some choose only body but not relation .

OOO ,what is it mean??šŸ§ 

Sometimes we make relationship to get a support or love or some secure feelings from our loving person without blood relation but we do not think about his /her thought or need .

What he actually want?

What she actually want from us?

Then ,on this moment problem creates.

Our relationship get starts to destroy our life.

We have to think about this first ??

Everyone wants something in return .

Love with love .

Help with help.

Same like the Newton’s third law of motion…..

“Every action has its equal reaction”.šŸ§ 

Everyone is somewhat selfish…right??

So,if anybody calling you do your help definitely he wants something in return.

No matter from you or anyother.

If we start over expectations to get in return then our relationship starts to become weak.

If we want to tackle our relationship better we have to finish our expectations , because nobody can do much enough than us for ourselves.

We can do everything for us by our own.

Sometimes people think she is mine or he is mine only.

Is a person has only single relation ever??

Is no other relations exist apart from boyfriend.. girlfriend??

Is person should leave the other relation after becoming girlfriend or boyfriend or husband and wife??

No !!!

Life is a integrated.It is a integration of parts of time .

In the different phase different people comes in our life who try to make connection in different manner .

Sometimes ,we actually want to make relation with those people.

It can be friendship,or only sympathy or need .

But in this situation people start to fight to overpower their relationship on their relatives,

Result is relationship destroyed.

Sometimes people feel fear to loss their relatives,so they starts to bind their relative in definit limit,but it’s result comes is unhappiness comes , distances creats in the relation .

Psychological thinking….šŸ§ 

If we tight the thread of kite it goes far from us . Or we can say if we try to bind a person with ourselves person will try to go away from us .

So ,leave your relative free,give them wings to move ,to fly.

Sometimes,we try to impose our choices ,our likes and dislikes on our relatives which is definitely wrong step.every person has his own mind ,own choices, own desires so somewhat we can guide him but we can not stop his mind to think or to work .

“freedom brings happiness”šŸ§ 

So ,for the strong relationship some important rules will be follow…

1) Less expectations.

2)More inspection.

3) Acceptance should be there .

4) Never think you are only choice in others life.

5)Give wings to fly .

6)Impose your idea on yourself only.

7)Leave free others .

Above rules can be beneficial in every relation.

It can be blood relation or love relation.


Some experienced people often says understanding is most important in relationship,but nobody says what type of understanding should be.

Understanding of choices ,,,

Understanding of dreams,,,

Understanding of habits,,,


One type of understanding is enough what is the need of yourself in the life of related person in present.

This is the complete solution for every problem in relationship.

Once if we know that fact we can handle any situation.

My personal thinking is that relation can start for any purpose and from any corner of our life but we should bring it to its destination.

In the half way ,it just like the very hot sip of tea in a mouth or a chapati on the cookery.

Meaning of any relationship made after reaching its end destination.

So follow your good relations with your soul not for the outer covering means not by body šŸ§ .

Thanku for giving your precious time to read my thoughts šŸ§ .

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