What is creation?

First of all ,we have to think deep about everything all around us in present .

Is it something which exactly matches with other thing?

Is it possible to copy anything in this world ?


A thing can matches in looks but it may be differ in some other parameters like colour,size,or composition ,right??

Or we can say that a man who is just like his brother in all parameters but it may be differ in voice or a man can differ on the basis of DNA with the other.

So, I mean to say everything is unique .

Just like this, creation is a process to make a thing which is little bit different or unique .

Creations are of different types.

It has different areas.

Like in this world different areas are made for different functions.

Just as atmosphere is of air particles which is for respiration and for some other works on the other hand land is made from different particles and it is for other functions both are needed but for different work .

Main conclusion is that both are unique or different in looks and as well as in compositions.

Like this creation can be shown in different fields like in science, cooking,medical,or drawing,painting, writing , singing, thinking, playing or sports, dancing,music,in business also, designing and so on…….

Creation means something different which is not present before that moment.

Creation is not only about good think ,it may be dangerous creation like nuclear weapons.

But the topic is that who is creative?

I am creative 🧠

Everyone is creative .

A mother is creative or a father is creative .

Every person has their own idea so, they creat their own thoughts on the basis of their thoughts they start their steps.

Is the creation can fulfill our needs?

Or we can say, can we made our career on the basis of creations?


We can create our career by the creation.

It depends on our type of creation.

If we create any thing in the field of business like any trick to get great profit , we can get success in the field of business and our future can be secure.

In the same fasion drawing, dancing, painting,singing, politics , writing etc have their own criteria to create something new or special.

Important is to think about it and move forward with confident steps.

Explore your mind ,your ideas,utilise your potential,your power.

Our mind is so powerful which can think in many dimensions at a time .

It becomes More sharpen by continuous use.

Let us try…….👊👊👊👊

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